🌟 What's new
  • Google Calendar Integration ⚡️
With our brand new Google Calendar Power-Up you can see your upcoming meetings of the day and quickly join your video calls without ever having to go back to your Calendar.
🔨 What improved
  • Privacy and security enhancements 🔐
Your search queries never leave your machine and your URLs are unreadable in our servers. We also moved our FAQ to an https URL.
  • Icon resolution for Google Drive
We improved our resolution of Google Drive icons to make sure that it is never blurry or low resolution.
  • Missing titles on some resources
Some resources in our most visited results per app had a blank title. This has now been fixed.
  • Close the Settings menu
In some cases, the settings dropdown menu did not close after you visited the app store, it is now fixed.
  • New tab background animation
We fixed the animation of our overlay when you hit CMD+E in a new tab. It used to behave as if Station opened in the tab but did not close properly.
  • Support IME keyboard